Couples Therapy

A strong relationship requires nurturing, just as your personal well-being does. When things get complicated, you and your partner may benefit from seeing a provider who specializes in couples therapy to gain fresh perspective on how to create positive energy within your relationship.

How It Works

Starting with our initial intake, Healthier Minds is dedicated to getting you the right fit with an outstanding therapist who specializes in couples therapy. If needed, this can be done alongside individual therapy with another Healthier Minds provider.

You and your partner will meet with your therapist on a schedule that works for you. Together, you’ll design a care plan, and your therapist will track and measure your progress to ensure that you can meet your goals.

What Couples Therapy Can Help With

  • Communication and fighting
  • Power dynamics
  • Financial conflict
  • Parenting or caretaker stress
  • Challenges with intimacy
  • Repairing after infidelity
  • Pre-marital counseling

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